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Clara Bell Wind Chimes
Sugg Retail $36.99-75.99
are crafted of the finest Oak and Red Cedar in southern Missouri. The wood is then sealed with a polyurethane to protect it from damaging sun and rain. We use superior thick walled aluminum that provides a beautiful resonance quality. We hand grind a deep florentine finish into the aluminum pipes to provide a beautiful sparkling finish. All Wind Chime cords are UV resistant and double coated for extra durability. Clara Bell chimes are all designed to provide beautiful melodious tones and lasting satisfaction. All Clara Bells come individually boxed.

Clara Bell Chimes come in 4 sizes and 3 wood choices. The sizes range from and 08-13 to a huge 32-42. A small 08-13 simply means the shortest pipe is 08 inches and the longest is 13 inches. Likewise with a 32-42; short pipe 32 inches, long pipe 42 inches. The shorter the pipe the higher the melody, where the 08-13 has a "tingly" sound, the 32-42 sounds like cathedral chimes and both resonate very well.

The 3 wood choices are Rustic Oak, Red Cedar and Natural Oak.



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Windchime Repair
Need a little assistance in maintaining your windchime. We use only the best special materials. Drop us a line and we will help you source the materials to maintain your windchime made by Dry Gulch Mfg.

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