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Golf Set Display Information

Our Novelty Golf Set (Suggested Retail $8.99)
is one of the most easily customized products in our line up. There are 4 basic designs for the golf set (Cowboy, Hillbilly, Redneck, and Amish). These four humorous designs along with a free state, regional or local name drop on the label allows for easy customization. (ex. Cowboy Golfset with Wyoming dropped on the golfset label or Amish Golfset with Ohio or Pennsylvania on the label) We are also able to completely customize the golfset with your own ideas. They are sold in orders of 36 pcs. and come with a free standing wooden floor display with 1st order. They also can be coupled with the Old Time Puzzles or Chuckwagon Dinnerbells on our double decker display. These are one of our very best sellers.

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Puzzle Directions
How to Solve your Puzzle without the use of Pliers and other Handyman Tools.

Redesigned Coonskin Hats
We just couldn't in good conscious keep using real coontails especially when we found this really nice faux fur.

Outdoorsy Kids Groups
drop us a line. We will give discounts to the young folk groups. On all our outdoorsy stuff.