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A SPECIAL SALES PROGRAM for our stores.  We are implementing a special online drop ship program for the Old Time Social Distance Stick TM during this COVID-19 outbreak.  This "Social Distance" drop ship offer is intended toward our existing customers, that have online retail platforms, as a traffic & sales driver.   It is expected to be expanded to new customers with an online retail presence at a later date.  To receive the details of this offer your store must be registered with www.DryGulchGifts.com and a "follow us" on Facebook.   All details of the "Social Distance" drop ship offer can be found at www.DryGulchGifts.com once a customer signs unto our online platform.

We feel there are 2 ways to approach this Corona Virus.  We can sit on the sidelines, watch news and wring our hands or we can do what we do best.  Dry Gulch Manufacturing has chosen to do what we do best....produce souvenirs and novelties.  The "Social Distance Stick" will start with a limited production run.  God bless and hang tough.

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