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Little Sugarfoot Walking Sticks




Box Quantity / Multiples


Minimum quantity



Little Sugarfoot™  Walking Sticks are just a shorter version of the regular Sugarfoot™.  Perfect for a younger hiker that is discovering the outdoors.  Little Sugarfoot™  Walking Sticks will range in lengths from 36"-40" and come in 3 main species: Sassafras, Hickory and Dogwood.  We are unable to guarantee availability of a specific species.  Your sticks can be printed but it we charge $1.00 a stick.
Print Minimum is 24 total sticks.
Pay attention to your Total Stick Quantity.  It needs to total 24 or 36 sticks.  IF IT DOESN'T UPS, FEDEX, USPS Dimensional Shipping will be very expensive.